At Valiant Capital we gather your financial picture by providing first class analysis and consulting

while co-piloting your expedition to success by obtaining the necessary
capital to help you grow your business.

Products and Services


We perform and in depth financial analysis of your company and provide credit structuring based on your credit profile and business agenda.

Whether you’re seeking to acquire a business, refinance/restructure existing debt, or obtain additional capital. We ensure that your financial ratios are healthy and in compliance with your current and prospective lender(s).

Mergers & Acquisitions:

We support small businesses with M&A’s of up to $20MM+,  by sourcing competitive financing programs with the best terms available.

Typical finance programs include:

  • Conventional Financing
  • Mezzanine
  • SBA 7(a) and USDA
  • Hedge Fund
  • Life Insurance


Being based in Houston, we certainly understand the impact of our latest Oil and Gas downturn and the impact on businesses. We assist clients by providing the best advice and guidance in:

  • Leveraging business assets such as Accounts Receivable, Equipment, and Real Estate, to obtain funds for working capital.
  • Restructure and renegotiate senior debt to obtain a favorable cash flow and interest rate position.

We are confident that together with our experience, and strong lender network, we will be able to provide the best terms available and meet the demanding deadlines businesses face.


We’ve assisted hundreds of businesses refinance their debt and also obtain additional capital, if needed.

We match your business financial profile to our network of lenders, obtain an approval, and negotiate the best terms and rates in the market.

Refinance Scenarios Include:

  • Recapitalizing assets to obtain additional working capital.
  • Refinance and restructure debt currently in Asset Risk Management (ARMs) at the present financial institution.
  • Re-amortizing current debt for a better cash flow position.
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